Work for Summer Scholars

Yale graduate and undergraduate students play a crucial role in the Pathways Summer Scholars program by serving as teaching assistants, mentors, and residential advisors to students. Pathways Summer Scholars seeks student applicants for two roles: Summer Scholars Teaching Assistant and Summer Scholars Residential Advisor & Teaching Assistant. Descriptions of each position can be found below and the jobs will be posted on Yale Student Employment in early January 2020. 

Yale Pathways to Science Summer Scholars Residential Advisor and Teaching Assistant

Program associates serve as residential advisors and teaching assistants for students. Students report that the program associates play a significant role in shaping their Summer Scholars experience, as program associates serve as mentors and role models for students, assist students with homework, and plan enrichment activities for students. Program associates consistently report that living and working with Summer Scholars students provided a unique, intense, and worthwhile experience and are proud to have made a lasting impression on local youth. 

Yale Pathways to Science Summer Scholars Teaching Assistant

Teaching assistants are part of a team of 10 Yale graduate and undergraduate students who act as teaching assistants for STEM laboratory courses. TAs facilitate class and laboratory preparation, serve as mentors for student assignments and projects, manage logistical needs of the program, plan enrichment activities for students, and document program activities and successes. Full-time teaching assistants should be available 8:30am - 4:30pm during the weeks of the program and part-time positions are also available. 

Job postings will be available on the Yale  Student Employment Website.